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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the 22-room was killed when a suspect vehicle crashed into her car. >> -- the 22-year-old was killed. kai reed is live at baltimore city police headquarters with more on the story. >> the suspect in this case is expected to be charged tomorrow morning. friends and family are morning a young mother who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> wrong place, wrong time. >> jordasha rollins seem to be happy and laughing all the time. >> she was always happy, always smiling, always willing to give. >> now friends and family have placed flowers and balloons to honor her life in west baltimore. the 22-year-old was killed as she rode in a car with her mother and infant daughter around 11:00 monday night.
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an officer had attempted to pull over a suspect just minutes before the crash. the suspect ran a red light and slammed into her car. her car then slammed into another car. police insist there was no chase that led to the crash, but family and friends that have a lot of questions. >> would happen should not have happened. -- what happened should not have happened. >> it happened very, very quickly. you can hear the officers indicate that he was pulling over the car, and an almost seconds later, calling for paramedics. >> police said they found drugs in the suspects' car. jordasha's mother and baby survived the crash with minor injuries. >> to all the mothers and fathers come give your children all the bugs you can.
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>> according to police, officers found crack cocaine in the suspects' car. he will likely face charges of manslaughter and fleeing from police. he is in police custody being treated at a local hospital tonight. >> an update from anne arundel county tonight. police said have officially been charged someone in that hit and run that hit a police officer on monday. it is reported that carroll was behind the wheel of a car that started a " chain reaction crash -- that started a chain reaction crash. he is now being treated at shock trauma. city police are investigating 2 lamott -- two, that happen within an hour of each other last night. one was on liberty heights avenue. the 34-year-old man was found suffering from multiple gunshot
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wounds around 9:40 last night and taken to sinai hospital, where he was pronounced dead. just a half-hour before that, please tell us they found another man who had been shot. he was taken to johns hopkins and pronounced dead a short time later. >> an afternoon fire in anne arundel county has tonight been ruled accidental. officers believe that discarded coal from a grilse parked at a town house fire. we are told the three alarm fire started this afternoon at a holmes got manor lane and spread to nearby homes. the red cross is helping the displaced families. 11 people are without bombs falling an early morning apartment fire in glen burnie. skyteam 11 -- 11 people are without homes following an early-morning apartment fire. reportedly the freight -- flames started and a ground level apartment and then quickly spread to adjacent apartment.
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there is no word tonight on the exact cause of that fire. >> after a yearlong investigation, three men are now charged in the murder of a 12- year-old boy. police arrested danye robinson, antwan mostly, and date -- derrek brown or the shooting that killed shawn johnson. >> he was shot multiple times. >> three other people were also wounded in that shooting. according to court charging document, police interview multiple witnesses and positively identified mostly, robinson, and brown as the people responsible for the shooting. >> players and fans alike eagerly anticipate the complete 2012 raven schedule. texted was released a few hours ago. gerry sandusky has all the details.
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a year they have a long spell where they only have one home game. >> you have to have eight homes and eight road games. the ravens to only have one home game, but it offsets the fact that the first four games of the season, three of those or at home. including the season opener. the ravens finally got a monday night home game, september 10, against the cincinnati bengals. it will seek to prime-time games right here on tv 11. that will travel to pittsburg on november 11 for a sunday night game, part of sunday night football package. the patriots game will get a lot of national coverage, as the rematch of last season's championship game will also give the ravens a chance to try to beat new england for the first time ever in the regular season. the ravens schedule in december, back home, three home games in
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the month of december, including matchups against peyton manning and the denver broncos, and eli manning and the defending super bowl champion new york giants. >> dozens of protesters gathered downtown to call it corporate america's huge -- to shoulder greater tax burden. kerry cavanaugh joins us live from downtown with the latest. >> the so-called buffett rule that would force the wealthiest americans to pay more taxes got shot down in the senate last night. demonstrators believe that is an example of the richest citizens and biggest business is getting unfair tax breaks at the expense of the other 99% of america. nearly 100 protesters chose tax day to declare their outrage at america's richest citizens and largest corporations. >> i paid more in taxes and
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general electric. there is something that just does not make sense about that. while our country and our cities are struggling to barely survive. >> demonstrations organized by several groups. carol williams came because he teaches in a school that he says is in desperate need of funding. >> in giving no subsidies to corp., who is not being served? >> williams says four months of his annual salary goes just to pay taxes. he is outraged that some big companies get tax breaks that allow them to avoid paying what he calls their fair share to the public coffers. >> we kept the auto industry going. we kept the banking industry afloat. that is coming out of the pockets of those of us who do pay taxes. >> members of baltimore's state community showed up to call on big business to be more socially
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conscious. >> there is moral, spiritual, and financial power. you have to bring all that together to be a will to lift everyone up. >> similar gatherings took place in other cities around the u.s.. this location in downtown baltimore is chosen because of its proximity to the main post office, which is open until midnight to allow procrastinators to get that deadline. kerry cavanaugh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> for the second day, washington lawmakers demanded answers on the gsa's extravagant spending. the former commissioner is that the center of the controversy, but he has yet to make an appearance. >> i personally apologize to the american people, as the agency
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head i am responsible. i will mourn for the rest of my life the loss of my appointment. >> every time we turn over a stone, we found 50 more. >> to give you an idea of where the gsa case is headed, the gsa party planner was urged to leave today's hearing and get an attorney. president obama is blamed speculators for high gas prices tonight. >> he is pushing congress to approve his new plan to crack down on the problem. aaa reports that the price of gasoline has gone down a little bit, but still averages close to $4 a gallon. president says pushing his new plan through is the way to make amends. >> for speculators, they artificially manipulate markets by buying of oil, creating the perception of a shortage, and driving prices higher, only to flip the oil for a quick profit. >> the president wants tougher penalties and better tools to
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track fuel prices. republican house speaker john boehner accused the president of looking for a scapegoat. today he endorsed mitt romney. new details are emerging tonight about the prostitution scandal involving members of the secret service. officials say the group of men attended a party at a bar before taking prostitutes back to their hotel. now there is consent it is concern that prostitutes may have had access to the president's schedule while in the custody of the agents. so for 11 agents and five military officials are being investigated. >> the space shuttle last like today was a spectacular one. nasa ended the shuttle program last summer. discovery was first launched in 1984. it is the first of three retired shuttles to be turned over to a museum. >> talk about going out in style. the world's most travelled spaceship delighted us one last time tuesday.
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the space shuttle discovery on a very special flyover. >> just being able to see something so historic is wonderful. >> strapped to the back of a custom modified 747, discovery made a victory lap over our region, soaring over the u.s. capitol, washington monument, and the national mall in a final salute. >> it was amazing to see it. >> the dramatic sight triggered cheers and awe. >> that was fantastic. i cannot believe it flew right over us. it was the most amazing is. it is the most amazing experience. >> it finally landed at dulles
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international airport. on thursday, discovery will be towed into permanent display at the smithsonian and next year by where it will stop for the very last time. >> it is the beginning of a new career for discovery. she will provide a platform for inspiration for young children and citizens everywhere. >> an unusual neighborhood controversy in harford county tonight over this. imagine that being your neighbor. we'll have details, straight ahead. >> picking up on rain to the south. our rain chances amara and another one later this week, maybe some relief for the dry weather. weather.
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an unusual neighborhood disputes brewing over what is allowed in somebody else's backyard. >> what one neighbor keeps as pets is literally ruffling feathers in a harbor county community. the county council is considering expanding at all. jayne miller has the story. >> those are not grasses on the other side of the fans blowing in the breeze. they are peacock feathers. at dusk, that peacock ascends to the roof and fans them out. and then comes this. >> what i really want to talk about is the peacocks on the roof. lisa mcnair and her family owned
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petey and other peacocks. >> harford county laws say i can put anything in my heart i want but a chicken. -- anything in my yard i want but a chicken. >> it is only during the breeding season. >> one neighbor who chose not to be identified per cent sleeping is the issue. >> at first it was pretty, and it was really neat, and i took pictures. but i get up at 5:00 a.m., so it is cannot pretty anymore. >> he starts calling to let everybody know that this is his territory. there are other animals in the neighborhood. >> limited by county law to 5 per property. it is hard to tell, but we
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counted eight birds altogether. those under 6 months old or not affected by the limit. >> i do not want him out of this yard. >> there he goes. >> last evening we watched as the owners try to keep him in the yard. not an easy task. >> how do you keep him on your route and not everybody else's? >> the houses in the neighborhood are very close. >> the county considers the peacocks domestic animals, albeit noisy ones. >> so is your plan to keep them here? >> yes, they are my pets. >> lisa says she does sell some of her peacocks, but only two friends, not as a form of business. >> fire officials are concerned that recent dry weather conditions or increasing the risk for brush fires. officials at the current drought
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conditions are to blame for several recent brush fires. anne arundel county fire investigators are investigating what caused a brushfire over the weekend. they say people careless with cigarettes and grilling are responsible for the brush fires. >> there is a lot of dead vegetation left over, and all the components have come together that are really right for brushfires. >> tom tasselmyer says rain levels are not seen here, that are about 5 inches below normal. >> the sunni conditions and the wind. we need some rain. that is what we will be looking for over the next few days. there is some what weather coming up from the south. some sprinkles around
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charlottesville. the rain picks up in intensity down for the carolinas. unfortunately it looks like the heart of this rainmaker will stay just to our south and east. still a chance for some of the showers to get in in a few locations. this is not the only rain chance for the week. another one comes in toward the end of the week. a big goose egg in the precipitation called in the almanac. the brush fire threat is high. 78 to agree it -- 78 today at the airport, 75 downtown. not the 90 degree heat we revealing with yesterday. we are still dealing with high amounts of pollen in the atmosphere. the count was higher today than yesterday. this is the highest we have seen so far this season at 24114 the total pollen count.
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sites will of 55, columbia 56 degrees. no. unless we find even cooler temperatures. even frederick has dropped to 48 degrees. a little chilly air in the morning. 53 downtown, a light north- northeast wind. sunrise at 6:25. the front has stalled through the carolinas down to atlanta. low pressure developing on that front will track to the north across the carolinas and bring that back of rain to virginia and many parts of southern maryland. maybe even a sprinkle of pure in baltimore. another series of storms will be driving south and east and looks like a decent storm will be developing somewhere to ourself and intensifying to produce some decent rain here saturday night into sunday. a lot of things have to come together for that to happen, but at least the chances are lingering on the board or in of the week rain. soggy weather in the south. it looks like the bulk of the
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rain stays in st. mary's county down toward parts of somerset and worcester county. the blue shaded area is the more substantial rain. lighter showers expected here. we could have a sprinkler just about anytime, but especially after lunchtime tomorrow. scattered showers become a little more likely tomorrow afternoon and evening. 58-63, northeast wind and small craft advisory conditions as the storm is passing to the south. 20% chance of rain in the mountains tomorrow, going up to about 50% chance as you head from east of cambridge south and east amar. will turn dry again on thursday. 63 degrees and some of the showers may linger into thursday morning. the range center only runs about 40%, then we are back to dry weather thursday and friday. temperatures in the upper 60's 2
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07's, maybe even some that under their saturday evening. that storm will pull out of the region monday evening, followed by clearer skies and gusty winds. >> we will show you the full raven schedule, next in sports. x it is mega millions. jackpot is an estimated $53 million. you must match these five white balls plus that gold megaball. pacific and megamillion air tonight. 32-24-48-1-16. tonight's megaball number is 2.
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if no way matches all six numbers, friday's jackpot will be $65 million. be $65 million. good
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>> the ravens will see plenty of the national spotlight this season. they will have four national season primetime tv games, including this season opener, a monday night matchup at home against the bengals. the nfl released the schedule today. a short road trip to philly, followed by the patriots and grounds that nt -- at mt stadium. only one home game in october against the cowboys. a lot of travel in november, road trips to cleveland, pittsburgh, and san diego. pittsburgh is a sunday night game that you will see here on tv 11. a second game against pittsburg in three weeks. peyton manning comes to town with the broncos on december 16. a week later, his brother eli comes to town with the giants. the regular season ends on the road for the second year in a row, in cincinnati.
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no. 59 was re-signed today. ellerbee agreed to a one-year deal where just under $2 million. the ravens have depth and a strong future in the middle of the linebacking crew. last night and come back, the orioles squeeze out a 3-2 win of the white sox. a chilly night in chicago. the fourth home run of the young season, the orioles had a 2-0 lead. bottom of the six, k.j. with a double down the right-field line. drives in a pair of runs, cutting in the orioles' lead to 3-2. two out, bases loaded.
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turns the play, the first big league win with the orioles as they take on chicago, 3-2 tonight on the road. in march, the kentucky wildcats captured their eighth basketball national championship with the starting lineup of three freshmen and two sophomores. the wildcats will not get to see their -- today all five players announced plans to leave school and enter the nba draft. along with two graduating seniors, the mass exodus of young wildcats means kentucky will lose the players who scored 93% of their points this season and won a national title. in other words, thanks for stopping by. >> i never thought this dream come true. to get a chance to go to the nba, that is a dream come true. >> a tough week for alabama, is
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still has that national football ship and ship, but they needed new trophy. he injected the trophy to outlast the thrill of victory. did not. this last weekend, the father of an unidentified alabama player accidentally bumped the trophy case and knocked off its case and shattered it. the trophy will cost about $30,000 to replace. no word on whether alabama has a policy of if you break it, you bought it. stick around, and tom tasselmyer with the priceless seven-day forecast, right after this.
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eighth we may have a chance to get that much-needed rain. -- >> we may have a chance to get that much-needed rain. while conditions thursday and friday and then the rain chances go up on the weekend, especially saturday night and sunday. the potential for some decent rain and the temperature is maybe a little above normal for the weekend. >> that is all for 11 news tonight. thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] ro
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